Like every other business in the world, we have been affected by COVID-19. Studio shoots were cancelled, putting our launch date behind. We will start up as soon as we can and move forward.


Every one of our wedding gowns is true vintage. Each piece has been cleaned and lovingly restored. We have a stock of gorgeous, unique gowns, many custom made for blushing brides of the past.

When you purchase a wedding gown from The Vintage Eclectic, you purchase a piece of history. On your wedding day, you’ll think about the woman who wore your gown before you. What was her wedding day like? What songs did she dance to? You’ll get to create your own memories in a one-of-a-kind gown.


Dawn truly understands what is involved in choosing the perfect wedding gown. As a wedding photographer, she’s learned the ins and outs of selecting the right shape, style, and texture of wedding gown. Every gown should be as unique as the bride who wears it.

We want your shopping experience and purchase process to be as easy as possible. You will probably need help choosing the perfect gown for your body type, style, and wedding theme. No problem! Every bride who is interested in shopping with us gets a 30 minute phone consultation with Dawn! She will get to know you and your style, then recommend a few dresses that might be a good fit.

If you choose one to purchase, we will pack it in biodegradable plastic and a sturdy recycled box, then ship it right to your door. We will even require a signature so some porch pirate doesn’t wear your gown to the Renaissance fair.


For bridal updates and photos of these stunning works of art, follow us on Instagram @the.vintage.eclectic. For questions, email us at