How A Woman Heals: A Journey Back To Oneself February 20, 2020 – Posted in: Lifestyle

At first, I closed my eyes because I was afraid of the wounds I may see; maybe the gashes in my heart were too deep to be reached. For so long, I had taken care of everyone but myself. Perhaps, I could tidy things up by placing my own needs in a place no one could reach, not even myself.

As I went about my days, I tended to others with the warmth I longed to have, myself. I smiled determinedly. I was going to defy my own needs. Focusing my efforts on others proved to be a worthy distraction for a while….

until it wasn’t.

Traveling Through The Darkness

I realized the more I gave away, the more I lost myself. When did I stop believing I was worth receiving everything I so willingly gave to those around me?

It all started with a lie or two, and it expanded from there. Those who had hurt me since a child; some were jealous of my light and sought to stand in it, to warm themselves, leaving me but a shadow

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Suddenly, I could feel my heart and fears were thawing and realized I had the choice to free myself. I could face the lies of my past and the lies society has told women about their worthiness residing only in what they could do.

The Courage To Turn The Corner

I always wanted to be someone, since I was that little girl singing songs of triumph with her hairbrush microphone. I wanted that spirit restored in my soul!

What if I served myself, too?

I found myself trembling at the realization the key had always been there I just needed the guts to embrace the truth.

Soon, I found myself walking closer to the sun to receive warmth for myself. The key all along was to warm myself first, so that I could warm others.

I moved closer to the sun to feel its rays reach the places inside of myself that I had abandoned. And I asked myself this question: ” If no one else could stop you or judge you. What is it that YOU want. What is it that YOU need?’

The Strength To Embrace A New Normal

As women, we are worthy just as we are, not because of what we can do
The more we love ourselves, the more empowered we can become

In the end, the way a woman heals is when she refuses to turn her back on herself

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