The Incredible Link: Vintage and Trauma Survivors… February 13, 2020 – Posted in: Lifestyle

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Vintage: of old, recognized, and enduring interest, importance, or quality.

It also defines Survivor: to continue to exist or live after, to continue to function or prosper in spite.

Every person faces trauma in this life, from the loss of loved ones to family homes invaded by Domestic Violence.

Just like people, some garments stand the test of time.

“Searching For What Is Lost”

In the early days of our sourcing, we scoured places, searching for pieces we were drawn to, searching through a multitude of unclaimed clothing.

Picture yourself coming across a breathtaking vintage wedding dress that you knew once belonged to a young bride; her heart filled with a yearning for a new life. Envision the stories her dress could tell; how her husband looked at her the day he said, “I do”; how this dress danced her into a life where she would one day find herself soaked with the sweat of heavy labor, tears streaming down her face, as she held her first baby to her chest.

Now, think of this sacred dress from this one of a kind woman, lying in a heap amongst other discarded dresses, its story never told.

Recovery: A return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength 

Now envision thi.You are pulling this dress out of the past and into the present. You are giving this dress the chance to be tenderly restored, its seams mended, its faded colors returned to vibrancy.

You now see this remarkable dress has a story that can live on; it was always special even if it had once seemed forgotten. Time has made nothing irredeemable; in fact, it has only given greater value to the piece that has made it through. This dress is, in fact, one of a kind, forged by the fires of the past, just like those who are drawn to our pieces, specifically survivors.

Thrive: To progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances

Just like the vintage clothing that has withstood the test of time, you, too, can come back stronger than before, and finally, have your story of triumph told.

Photos by Dawn Kelly Photography

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